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The Shane Walsh Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Registered Dietician, Nutritionist Rebecca King.


We chat about

What is ADHD?

4 reasons why ADHDers struggle with eating

Eating with ADHD and getting away from perfect eating

Making peace with sugar could help

Are you hungry or do...

Feb 22, 2022

This episode of the podcast is a solo episode based on a recent Q&A that I placed on my stories. So thank you to everyone who contributed to this episode and I hope it helps.

So some of the topics I chat about are:

Remembering weight loss is not linear

Removing the power the scales has over you

Confusion as to which...

Feb 21, 2022

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Co founder of Inward Bound and Scientist Dr Darragh Stewart.


We chat 


Mental health


Helping men talk


Conscious relationships


Warning: this episode does not replace medical advice please talk to your doctor or mental health...

Feb 14, 2022

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Author, Coach and creator of the Hip Thrust Bret Contreras.


We chat about

Dealing with hate

Biggest mistakes women make in the gym

Best exercises for growing glutes

How often should you change program

Advice to his younger self


Feb 9, 2022

This episode of the podcast is Coaches Corner Vol. 29. This is a Q&A based on qs that are coming in based on what you ask us daily.

We chat about:

Fibromyalgia and how to manage it

Stress eating - how to manage the different responses

PKU - how to manage it

Moving away from Slimming club mentality once and for all